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About Me
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He's Alive, BUT!
Homza III
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Ma Ma, I'm Home
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I'm A Bee
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Shadows live in the darkness


Welcome to my Web site!


Mark A. Anderson was born in Wilkes-Barre, PA, he grew up in a haunted house which made the basis for his stories supernatural right at home. He started writing his first book "The Homza's Son" While in the Air Force and sitting in observation towers for 12 hours a day. Mark A. Anderson read a lot of hero comic books and Stephen King books which also gave him ideas for his books. Once "The Homza's Son" was finished he quickly started working on "He's Alive, BUT!" The sequel to "The Homza's Son" Look forward to "Homza III" to complete the trilogy.
With a young daughter at home Mark A. Anderson decided to start writing children books for her to read. "I'm A Bee" is her favorite. "Ma Ma, I'm Home" is a book of 4 short stories for tweens and "Stranger Awareness" is a good teaching book to teach children about the dangers of strangers. "The Golden Rule" basic rules about not bullying and other rules that are good to live by."Strangers Live in the Darkness" Horror story for teens. Pick up Mark's autobiography "Who's Interested" to read more of Mark's life. Mark A. Anderson is also a paranormal Investigator. All books can be found on Facebook pages.

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